Purchasing Vendor Application

Vendor Application

Completed vendor applications do not officially register, certify, approve or guarantee opportunity for business with the Town of Mooresville. Vendors are responsible for checking advertisements and web sites for bid opportunities. When responding to a request for bids, quotations or proposals, carefully read and comply with all terms and conditions of the request.

The town’s Purchasing Division maintains a list for notifying potential bidders/proposers of solicitation releases. To remain active on the bid list, you must respond to a bid request by submitting a bid or notifying the Purchasing Division in writing that you choose not to bid. Failure to respond may result in removal from the active bit list. Notify the Purchasing Division immediately of any status changes.

Minority & Women Business Vendors
If your company is 51% owned and/or controlled by minorities or women, your company may qualify for certification as a minority- or women-owned vendor. Visit Minority & Women Business Enterprises or call 214-342-3872 for more information.