"Your Community, Our Responsibility"

The Sanitation Department provides regular, reliable collection of garbage, bulky items and yard waste to Mooresville’s residents to help ensure a sanitary and safe environment for citizens.
To register for Sanitation Services, please call 704-664-4278
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Recycling Schedule Map (pdf) (interactive map)



Garbage (trash) is collected weekly on regular routes. Place all garbage (except yard debris) in heavy-duty trash bags and place bags inside roll-out containers. Keep roll-outs at least three feet from any obstacle, including other roll-outs, mailboxes, parked cars, etc. The town issues one roll-out container per residence at no charge. Additional containers are $60 each.

The Town sends two trucks by residences each week for garbage collection. The first one is the automated side-loader that mechanically grabs your roll-out container and dumps it. A second truck comes for bulky items or excess garbage.

Place excess garbage in bags at least three feet away from the roll-out containers. Please do not overload your roll-out container. The lid should close completely. Trash that is above the lip of the container can spill or be tossed over the top of the automated truck.

Discarded paint must be in dry form only. (Let small amounts air dry or add cat litter or newsprint to absorb wet paint.) When paint is dry, place it in a heavy trash bag at the curb or in the roll-out container. Wet paint will leave a large puddle on the street in front of your/your neighbors’ residence.

Town Cannot Collect

  • Automobile parts or batteries
  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Dirt
  • Flammable or explosive items
  • Large amounts of construction or demolition debris
  • Mulch
  • Rocks
  • Tires
Contact the Sanitation Department at 704-664-4278 for disposal options for these items.

For information on the Town's recycling program, click HERE.


For times when the amount of trash is excessive, such as cleaning out a home or cutting large amounts of yard debris, residents may call for a dial-a-dumpster. The dumpster can be loaded by the resident with any household material normally collected by the Town. You should have at least a pickup truck load of waste before utilizing the Dial-A-Dumpster service. Call in advance to confirm availability, and dumpsters may only be used a maximum of seven days.

This residential only service is provided at no cost to residents unless the Town incurs charges for disposing of materials through the Iredell County Solid Waste Facility. Either yard or household waste may be loaded, but not both on the same load. Co-mingling of wastes will result in a charge of $50 plus the tipping (landfill) fee.

Items Not Accepted

  • Barrels
  • Bricks, rocks or gravel
  • Construction debris
  • Contaminated Earth
  • Contractor's debris (Contractors must haul away debris with their equipment) 
  • Glass
  • Paint (Unless Dry)
  • Painted wood
  • Sheetrock
  • Vinyl siding

Curbside Recycling

The Town of Mooresville offers a curbside recycling program to residents living in single family homes, town homes, and duplexes. Register for curbside recycling and enter the required information, including your trash pickup day and subdivision, if you live in one.

For more information, go to the Town's recycling page HERE.

Yard Debris

Yard debris, including leaves, grass clippings, and branches, is collected on the day following your garbage collection. Seasonal volumes such as loose leaf collection or severe storm debris can cause a brief delay in this schedule at times. Leaves and grass clippings should be placed loosely (in piles) at the curb. Do not bag these items.

Always keep leaves and grass clippings separate from limbs. Large piles of limbs are collected using a special piece of equipment. This may not occur on your regular scheduled day but are usually collected within 7-10 business days.

The Town does not collect mulch or dirt.

Household Hazardous Waste

A Household Hazardous Waste collection day is held twice a year, spring and fall, in Iredell County. On the last Saturday in April, the event is held at the Mooresville Public Operations Center, 2523 Charlotte Highway, in Mooresville. On the last Saturday in September, the event is held at the Iredell County Solid Waste Facility, 354 Twin Oaks Road, in Statesville.

During the event, materials not collected curbside may be dropped off for safe and proper disposal. Examples of materials accepted at these events include:

Automotive fluids & cleaners
Cleaning Chemicals
Fluorescent and CFL bulbs & ballasts
Herbicides & lawn care products
Mercury & metallic materials
Non-rechargeable batteries
Paint & related materials