Land Development Standards

The Town of Mooresville, Land Development Standards Manual is updated annually as necessary. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure the most recent standards are being specified. The current manual is available only from this website. Hard copies or CDs of the Standards Manual are no longer available from the Town.

The Town has delegated review authority from the State for water system extensions, sewer system extensions and Phase II post construction stormwater permits. In response to SL2014-120 passed by the North Carolina legislature the Town has provided the attached guidance on review procedures for delegated and state permits.

The 2015 Land Development Standards Manual Update has been completed. The majority of changes reflect updates to supplier parts numbers or typographical errors. Substantive changes are:

  • Section 3.1(t) – Defined minimum waterline replacement size for redevelopment projects (generally where the existing system consists of 2” diameter pipes).
  • Section 6.11 – Added design criteria for roundabouts in residential subdivisions.
  • Section 6.12 – Added design criteria for cluster mailboxes. Cluster mailboxes are now required by the USPS in lieu of individual mailboxes at the road or on the residence.
  • Detail R-11.0 – Reduced the required transition between curb types from 10 feet to 5 feet to provide added flexibility in locating catch basins in residential subdivisions.

Regulatory Reform Rule Procedures (PDF)

Current Manual

Individual Details

These are organized by section and can be viewed below. The town does not provide details in AutoCad format.


Water Standards

Backflow Standards

Sewer Standards

Pump Station Standards

Road System Standards

Storm Drainage Standards

  • D-1.0 (PDF) Brick Double Catch Basin 15" Thru 24" Pipe
  • D-2.0a (PDF) Brick Double Catch Basin 30" Thru 36" Pipe
  • D-2.0b (PDF) Brick Double Catch Basin 30" Thru 36" Pipe
  • D-3.0a (PDF) Flared End Section Plan, End, Skewed View And Installation Section View
  • D-3.0b (PDF) Flared End Section Section X-X, General Notes And Dimensions

Landscape Standards

Miscellaneous Standards