Land Development Standards

The Town of Mooresville, Land Development Standards Manual is updated annually as necessary. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure the most recent standards are being specified. The current manual is available only from this website. Hard copies or CDs of the Standards Manual are no longer available from the Town.

The Town has delegated review authority from the State for water system extensions, sewer system extensions and Phase II post construction stormwater permits. In response to SL2014-120 passed by the North Carolina legislature the Town has provided the attached guidance on review procedures for delegated and state permits.

The 2015 Land Development Standards Manual Update has been completed. The majority of changes reflect updates to supplier parts numbers or typographical errors. Substantive changes are:
  • Section 3.1(t) – Defined minimum waterline replacement size for redevelopment projects (generally where the existing system consists of 2” diameter pipes).
  • Section 6.11 – Added design criteria for roundabouts in residential subdivisions.
  • Section 6.12 – Added design criteria for cluster mailboxes.  Cluster mailboxes are now required by the USPS in lieu of individual mailboxes at the road or on the residence.
  • Detail R-11.0 – Reduced the required transition between curb types from 10 feet to 5 feet to provide added flexibility in locating catch basins in residential subdivisions.

Regulatory Reform Rule Procedures

Current Manual

Individual Details

These are organized by section and can be viewed below. The town does not provide details in AutoCad format.


  • G-1.0 General Notes (for all plans)
  • G-2.0 Roadway And Drainage (Part A)
  • G-3.0 Roadway And Drainage (Part B)
  • G-4.0 Water And Sewer
  • G-5.0 Typical Utility Placement

Water Standards

  • W-1.0 Fire Hydrant
  • W-2.0a Tapping Sleeve & Valve Assembly
  • W-2.0b Tapping Sleeve & Valve Assembly (Size On Size)
  • W-3.0 3/4" & 1" Service Connection
  • W-4.0 1 1/2" To 2" Service Connection
  • W-5.0 4" And Larger Service Connection
  • W-6.0 Thrust Block
  • W-7.0 Air Relief Manhole
  • W-8.0 Pipe Trenching & Backfilling
  • W-9.0 Minimum Easement
  • W-10.0 Temporary 2" Blowoff Valve Assembly
  • W-11.0 Permanent 2" Blowoff Valve Assembly
  • W-12.0 Fire Hydrant Blowoff
  • W-13.0 Jumper Connection Detail
  • W-14.0 Cast Iron Valve Box
  • W-15.0 Round Top Valve Box Installation
  • W-16.0 Locking Valve Box Lid

Backflow Standards

  • BF-1.0 Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly 3/4"-2" Above Ground
  • BF-1.0a Dual Check Valve Assembly 3/4"-2" Above Ground 
  • BF-2.0 Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly 3" And Larger Above Ground
  • BF-2.0a Dual Check Valve Assembly 3" And Larger Above Ground 
  • BF-3.0 Fire Service Connection Above Ground
  • BF-4.0 Test Cock Location

Sewer Standards

  • S-1.0 Standard Manhole
  • S-2.0 Standard Ring & Cover
  • S-3.0 Sealed Manhole
  • S-3.0a Camlock Detail
  • S-4.0 Sealed Ring & Cover
  • S-5.0 Doghouse Manhole
  • S-6.0 Flat Top Sealed & Vented Manhole
  • S-7.0 Flat Top Sealed Ring & Cover
  • S-8.0 Inside Drop Manhole
  • S-8.5 Outside Drop Manhole
  • S-9.0 Manhole Inverts
  • S-10.0 Flexible Manhole Sleeve
  • S-11.0 Vitrified Clay Pipe Bedding
  • S-12.0 Ductile Iron Pipe Sewer Bedding
  • S-13.0 PVC Sewer Pipe Bedding
  • S-14.0 Sewer Lateral To Manhole
  • S-15.0 4" Sewer Manual to Main
  • S-16.0 Deep 4" Sewer Lateral
  • S-17.0 Clean Out Protector
  • S-18.0 18-22% Slope Sewer Main
  • S-19.0 Steep Sewer Pipe Restraint
  • S-20.0 Anti-Seepage Concrete Collar
  • S-21.0 Casing
  • S-22.0 Casing Spider
  • S-23.0 Inside Drop Service Connection
  • S-24.0 Air Release Manhole
  • S-25.0 Aerial Creek Crossing On Steel H-Piles
  • S-26.0 Steel H-Piles
  • S-27.0 Pier Cradle 24" Pipe & Smaller
  • S-33.0 Sewer Easements
  • S-34.0 Fence Gate Sewer Outfalls
  • S-35.0 Rehabilitation of Manhole and Top Section
  • S-35.0a Notes for Rehabilitation of Manhole and Top Section
  • S-36.0 Typical Point Repair
  • S-36.0a Typical Point Repair Specifications
  • S-37.0 Service Lateral Connecting To Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining

Pump Station Standards

  • PS-1.0 Plan Duplex Pump Station
  • PS-1.0a Safety Grating Specifications 
  • PS-2.0 Typical Pump Station Site Plan Schematic
  • PS-3.0 Section Duplex Pump Station
  • PS-4.0 Electrical Duplex Pump Station

Road System Standards

  • R-1.0 Local Residential Street Typical Section
  • R-2.0 Local Commercial Street Typical Section
  • R-3.0 Local Industrial Street Typical Section
  • R-4.0 Major Collector Street Typical Section
  • R-5.0 Neighborhood Collector Street Typical Section
  • R-6.0 Two-Lane Arterial Street Typical Section
  • R-7.0 Four-Lane Arterial Street Typical Section
  • R-8.0 Standard 'T' Turn Around
  • R-9.0 Cul De Sac Detail
  • R-10.0 Curb And Gutter
  • R-11.0 Curb Transition 2'-6" Curb And Gutter To 2'-6" Residential Curb And Gutter
  • R-12.0 Curb And Gutter Expansion Joint
  • R-13.0 Concrete Sidewalks
  • R-14.0 Monolithic Concrete Curb And Sidewalk
  • R-15.0 Driveway With Sidewalk Abutting Curb (2'-6" Curb And Gutter)
  • R-16.0 Drop Curb Driveway Monolithic Concrete Curb And Sidewalk
  • R-17.0 Drop Curb Commercial Driveway With Planting Strip (2'-6" Curb And Gutter
  • R-18.0 Drop Curb Residential Driveway With Planting Strip (2'-6" Curb And Gutter)
  • R-19.0 Accessible Ramp Location
  • R-19.0a Accessible Ramp Standard With Planting Strip (2'-6" Curb And Gutter)
  • R-19.0b Accessible Ramp Sections With Planting Strip (2'-6" Curb And Gutter)
  • R-20.0a Accessible Ramp Without Planting Strip (2'-6" Curb And Gutter)
  • R-20.0b Accessible Ramp Sections Without Planting Strip (2'-6" Curb And Gutter)
  • R-21.0 Pavement Repair Detail
  • R-22.0 Right In/Right Out Island
  • R-23.0 Slotted Asphalt Speed Hump Marking And Signage
  • R-24.0 Typical Alley Section
  • R-25.0 Industrial Driveway Entrance
  • R-26.0 Parking Standards
  • R-27.0 Accessible Parking Details
  • R-29.0 Dead End Street Barricade
  • R-29.0a Dead End Street Barricade Notes
  • R-30.0 End of Roadway Marker
  • R-30.0a End of Roadway Marker Guardrail Clamp Installation
  • R-30.0b Street Connectivity Sign for Dead End Street Barricade 

Storm Drainage Standards

  • D-1.0 Brick Double Catch Basin 15" Thru 24" Pipe
  • D-2.0a Brick Double Catch Basin 30" Thru 36" Pipe
  • D-2.0b Brick Double Catch Basin 30" Thru 36" Pipe
  • D-3.0a Flared End Section Plan, End, Skewed View And Installation Section View
  • D-3.0b Flared End Section Section X-X, General Notes And Dimensions

Landscape Standards

  • L-1.0 Tree Planting (For Single And Multi-Stem Trees)
  • L-2.0 Tree Protection Detail
  • L-3.0a Tree Pit With Grate In Sidewalk (Plan)
  • L-3.0b Tree Pit With Grate In Sidewalk (Section)
  • L-3.0c Tree Pit With Grate In Sidewalk (Section)
  • L-3.0d Tree Pit With Grate In Sidewalk (Section)
  • L-4.0 Drip Irrigation Assembly For Tree Pit With Grate
  • L-5.0a Shrub Planting Detail
  • L-5.0b Shrub Planting Bed
  • L-6.0 6' Planting Strip
  • L-7.0 Street Median Excavation, Drainage And Backfill
  • L-8.0 Root Crown Depths
  • L-9.0 Bridging Tree Roots
  • L-10.0 Temporary Tree Protection Detail
  • L-11.0 Asphalt Curb Placement At Existing Trees
  • L-12.0 Four - Inch Subdrain

Miscellaneous Standards

  • M-1.0 Stabilized Construction Entrance
  • M-2.0 Temporary Concrete Washout Facility
  • M-3.0 Dumpster Pad Bollard