Comprehensive Housing Strategy


Mooresville Housing Needs Assessment 2015 (PDF)

In response to the concerns about current and future housing needs, the Town of Mooresville and the Centralina Council of Governments (CCOG) are in the process of developing a Comprehensive Housing Strategy. This housing needs assessment is designed to inform the Town of Mooresville and suggest strategies to better meet the housing needs of current and future Mooresville residents.

Housing Preference Survey
Housing Survey
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The Town of Mooresville has been invited by the Centralina Council of Governments to participate in a pilot program to develop a community-based housing strategy. Having the correct housing choices to meet the changing needs of current and future residents and employers is important to Mooresville's ongoing vitality.

What is a community-based housing strategy?
In a sense it is "how to" steps to better prepare a community for future housing needs. It is developed by combining local data and a the input of local stakeholders and a public engagement process. This strategy will do three things:

1) Identify and quantify future housing needs in each market segment based on the Town's demographic and workforce profile.
2) Develop locally acceptable strategies customized to meet specific needs.
3) Establish the action plans and partnerships needed to carry out the strategies.

How will this strategy benefit Mooresville?
This strategy will align its land use plans and development ordinances to support market demand, thereby telling what specific types of housing is needed. Private sector partnerships will also be encouraged to help the Town meet the housing demands of the future. Developers will have clear direction about specific housing types Mooresville is looking for.